Donut Farm: Vegan Donuts Even Non-Vegans Will Love

Grace Sandman, Staff

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To most people, the words “vegan,” “organic” and “donut” do not belong in the same sentence. That is, until they try San Francisco native Josh Levine’s Donut Farm donuts, where they face a glass case full of donuts that look and, as it turns out, taste like any other donut. 

As one of the few vegan donut shops in San Francisco, Donut Farm is well-known for its delectable vegan donuts as well as its activist roots seeking to save animals and feed the homeless. According to its website, Levine started Donut Farm in 2006. It began as a small business inside cafes throughout San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. In 2010, Donut Farm purchased its first retail space at the San Francisco Ferry Building marketplace. Later, the well-known pastry business gained the title of the first vegan coffee bar and first bakery with 100% vegan donuts in Los Angeles as well.

  I had my first experience with Donut Farm this week. Full disclosure here: I am not a vegan. I spotted the Donut Farm kiosk near the main entrance of the San Francisco Ferry Building, home to over twenty businesses selling food, clothes and everyday necessities. The large white letters spelling out Donut Farm were painted above the small donut-filled cart. Below the sign was what looked like a white bookcase holding bright pink boxes filled with donuts. Each pink box had the Donut Farm logo, sealing each box. Hand drawn labels identified the different donut flavors. 

With so many choices, I asked the cashier what flavor she recommended. She said to go for the chocolate-coconut donut. I love chocolate-coconut donuts in the non-vegan world, but I was skeptical as to whether I could get through a vegan one.  Even so, I had never met a donut I did not like. Plus, I was excited to try something new and support this company, which is feeding the hungry and supporting sustainability.

  The vegan chocolate-coconut donut seemed small to me. But some part of me felt like I might be glad it was small in case it was disgusting. You want a big pizza, but a small portion of broccoli, right? Using that theory, I assumed that all vegan donuts just might be smaller than all non-vegan donuts and that was probably a good thing. 

I took a bite. It was delicious, moist and chocolatey but not too rich with the perfect amount of coconut. It was less sweet than non-vegan donuts but in a good way. It was less filling than I expected, and I was able to finish the whole thing without feeling sick. 

It may be the best donut I have ever had. And it was vegan and organic. I’m hoping it counts as a health food. I would choose a vegan donut from Donut Farm over a non-vegan, “normal” donut anywhere else. I highly recommend Donut Farm for vegans and non-vegans alike.  

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Donut Farm: Vegan Donuts Even Non-Vegans Will Love