Miette Patisserie: French Inspired Bakery

Grace Sandman, Staff

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Miette Patisserie is a French pastry business that was established at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market in 2001 by Meg Ray. Miette means “little crumb” in French. According to their website, as a self-taught baker, Meg Ray loved decorating cakes and baking French pastries, inspired by those she enjoyed on her visits to Europe. Based in Northern California, Miette Patisserie is known as one of the top ten pastry shops in the world according to Conde Nast.

  A bright pink sign lures travelers from the nearby San Francisco ferry into the pale pink-walled French bakery. Sunlit glass displays filled with beautiful cookies, cakes and mouth-watering pastries greet hungry patrons as they enter the shop, which could easily be found on a street corner in Paris. 

I immediately noticed the long line of people waiting to purchase their pastries or desserts. I snaked my way through the line and watched again and again as the glass display cases fogged up as they were filled with hot, fresh pastries right from the oven. I was overwhelmed by the array of options before me. Should I order Parisian macaroons, a chocolate eclair, a morning bun or perhaps a lavender shortbread cookie?  

Eventually, my eyes landed on a round pastry with an elaborate design on the crust and a scrumptious-looking, dark chocolate filling. I later learned it was called a chocolate truffle tartlet. 

The tartlet was about the size of my palm. It was very rich, but the chocolate middle was balanced by a light and fluffy crust. It was delectable. I was only able to finish half of the dessert because it was quite filling. I wrapped the other half up and put it into my backpack for the bus-ride back later that afternoon. I cannot imagine exiting the Ferry Building in the future without a stop at Miette Patisserie for a “little crumb.”

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Miette Patisserie: French Inspired Bakery