Decades of Fashion: A Glimpse Into San Francisco’s Thrifting Culture

Natasha Marangu, Staff

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Moreea S. and Keone N., who both did not provide their last names, are passionate sustainability ambassadors and vintage clothing retail managers. They work at Fashion of Decades, a vintage store located in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. The store’s concept is to avoid fast fashion and to recycle pieces than span several decades.

When clothing is recycled, it can be used again, which helps keep it out of landfills. You can take a unique piece of clothing that someone once owned and make it into your own by styling it the way you want while simultaneously lowering your carbon footprint. Moreea said that around 95% of everything Fashion of Decades sells is recycled. 

Keone said that sustainability practices are common among people who work at vintage shops.

“Just being in the vintage community, we inherently are all sustainable people in general,” he said. “A lot of us much rather buy vintage clothing as opposed to buying new clothing.”

Fashion of Decades allows customers to buy timeless clothing at affordable prices. Even the employees think that’s a special thing. 

“I think that it’s pretty cool to consider like the art of fashion as part of the sustainability movement,” Moreea said.


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Decades of Fashion: A Glimpse Into San Francisco’s Thrifting Culture