Rainbow Grocery: San Francisco’s Eco-Friendly Grocery Store

Natasha Marangu, Staff

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Through San Francisco’s Clean Power SF initiative, stores across the Bay Area are making moves to go green. The initiative’s website says their mission is to provide San Francisco with cleaner, greener energy at competitive rates. 

This includes Rainbow Grocery, located on Folsom Street in San Francisco’s Mission District. Rainbow Grocery’s marketing coordinator, Cody Frost, said that although it is not the cheapest option, it’s the cleanest option. 

“We pay a little extra money to make sure all the electricity we are using is 100% renewable resources, wind- or water-generated electricity, solar electricity,” he said. 

Frost said that Rainbow Grocery has also installed a number of solar panels, meaning the store is already offsetting its own carbon footprint in its community. 

Many companies such as Solar City, Highlight Solar, Earth Electric Inc. and more are providing solar panels for companies and residents that are interested in producing and using renewable energy.


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Rainbow Grocery: San Francisco’s Eco-Friendly Grocery Store