Humans of San Francisco

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Humans of San Francisco

Savannah Soto, Staff

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San Francisco is a bustling city that is home to a growing, culturally diverse population. Through the eyes of the people, we are able to understand how they see the world.

Veronica Chung

“She would sew our clothes and make us blankets, so I was very curious on how to knit. It probably wasn’t until college that I really took it up. In my college age, she got Alzheimer’s, so she can no longer knit anymore. I’m the only one in the family who carried on the tradition, so I’m making a baby blanket for my cousin who just had a baby. Just different things like trying to carry on what she would have done.” – Veronica Chung, on her grandmother

Charles Barriee

“They’ve been using a bunch of water just to construct cities. You know how much water it takes to build a city?”

“In places like India, they’ve got some modern cities, but then they have… you know how people wash their clothes in the water, they bathe in there. In Africa, especially in Africa… man, it was hot. The water wasn’t brown, it was green. It was like lime. You could look right through it and it had lime deposits in it.”

“Water development was the biggest thing they need. That’s what they need.” Charles Barriee said.

“They close this lake down. They close that lake down. Some people bought the land or they’ve got a private lake. There’s nowhere to fish.”

– Barriee, on water and our environment

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Savannah Soto, Staff

Savannah is currently a rising sophomore at Foothill High School in Pleasanton, CA. She loves to write and take photos of the areas she travels to on the...

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Humans of San Francisco